Webleed x Fractal “The Crown” 65mm Whoop Frame


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Tough, lightweight, low prop obstruction and much more, the recipe for a top-performing whoop frame!

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“Here King, you dropped your ๐Ÿ‘‘”


So what’s the fuss all about?

We’ve all seen these types of plastic frames; every FPV company and their mums got one at this point.

Well, yes…but!

When Zoetek of weBLEEDfpv approached me to collab on his own take on it, I knew we had to make is special.

This frame is the bold lovebrainchild of a year of labor, and as to every parent, here’s what makes it so special to us๐Ÿ˜„




  • Lightweight — but not too much
    I know there are a lot of weight weenies out there, and I’d call myself out first. ๐Ÿ˜„
    But as the hype and novelty for the most lightestweight frames fade out, we’re once again faced with the harsh reality that weight remains heavily correlated to rigidity.
    And a noodle frame may not only be more brittle and easier to break, but will also demand more filtering, thus increasing control loop latency, ruining the control of the build.
    So went for a more balanced approach to weight saving.
    Shaved off just a little here and there where least necessary, and let the material choice do the rest.
    The result sits at just about 3 grams, a non-insignificant saving from what we’ve seen until now, which should only compound with…


  • Low prop obstruction
    One timeless bottleneck we’ve seen in Whoops has been the duct struts getting in the way of the thrust.
    An especially spicy issue to tackle when the amount and width of the ducts is so closely related to the frame rigidity and strength.
    But we decided to take another different approach here as well, going for the minimum amount of thin struts to still ensure maximum rigidity with little compromise on durability.
    The motors remain fully connected to the middle section, while the 4 corners of the frame gets supported by a single strut.
    This results in a mostly unobstructed airflow, vastly improved from all we’ve seen so far, which greatly improves build efficiency and responsivity.


  • Crown Tips
    Lastly, the crown tips were added to the top of the ducts
    They may not look unfamiliar if you’ve ever ordered a Fractal whoop frame kit, as these have been a design feature I’ve long wanted to introduce
    Their purpose is 3 fold;
    – They increase the effective height of the duct, improving motor/prop protection with little weight penalty
    – They help digging into the floor when upside down, making it easier to flip over rather than skid around
    – They help leaving an air inlet/outlet on flat/pusher builds when stuck to the ceiling/taking off


All in all, we believe this take on the whoop frame responds the most to what we need whoop frames to be,

Catching up to the increasing speeds and sometimes weights they may carry with HD systems,

Squeezing the most performance out of our improved powertrains as we keep pushing the limits,

And adding functional, quality-of-life features while at it ๐Ÿ˜„


Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your Crown!



PS: As we like running lean here at Fractal, we are only carrying 3 colors; Clear, Blue and Purple. Check out weBLEEDfpv if you’re looking for more colors from the massive palette available!

Additional information

The Crown Frame Color

Blue, Clear, Purple

1 review for Webleed x Fractal “The Crown” 65mm Whoop Frame

  1. Jon Paul (verified owner)

    Great for turtle mode!

    I have used BetaFPV frames & HappyModel, but the props are never in the center of the duct… BetaFPV 65mm frame the props are too low & the HappyModel the ducts are too high making it impossible to turtle mode… The Crown 65mm whoop frame has little spikes that hold the whoops props off the ground so turtle mode works well… I just wish Webleed X Fractal would have made a 75mm Crown whoop frame too :-))))))))))) I have only cut the 4 ducts off and mounted them on my Fractal whoops and they work to perfection… I don’t know how they work by themselves? I would recommend these Crown 65mm frames to any Fractal 65 build, you will not be disappointed…

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