Fractal 65 – Frame Kit


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The lightest, sharpest and most durable whoop frame!

  • *Ducts F65

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    Add AIO Flight Controller?

    Choose the DiamondF4 for an AIO with onboard Analog video
    Or the Superbee for a discrete VTX or HD build

    Add Motors?

    Choose EX0802 for the most power and overall control at all weight classes
    Or SE0702 if you intend to build an ultra-lightweight whoop

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    Add 31mm props?

    Choose 1219-3 for EX0802 motor
    or 1210-2 best for SE0702

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Additional information

Weight 36.00 g
Dimensions 105 × 95 × 32 mm
Ducts F65

Blue Mob6, Clear Mob6, None (F65 Lite)

Carbon Fiber

F65 Bottom Plate 1.5mm

Screw Kit

Fractal 65 Screw Kit


F65 300mAh 1S x 2

12 reviews for Fractal 65 – Frame Kit

  1. Mouse of Madness (verified owner)

    Flies better than ever!

    I swapped over from a Meteor 65 and upgraded to NewBeeDrone Flow 0802 27000kv motors while I was at it. It already feels like it’s flying on rails compared to the previous plastic frame, and I’m trying to dial in my new rates to match the increased performance. Looking forward to seeing how well this combo performs in my first IGOW!

    Fractal 65 - Frame Kit
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  2. Jon Paul (verified owner)

    Flies like bigger brother 75mm, like it is on rails!

    I prefer the 75mm Fractal frame for it is much more efficient, but for small homes like mine 65mm Fractal is easier to fly, smaller and slower, but more maneuverable ! Great indoor frame, great durability, does require a high end lipo like WeBleedfpv 300mAh gives 3 – 3 1/2 minutes flight time, most other batteries only get 2 – 2 1/2 minutes flight time… My best performing 65mm Whoop along with my 75mm Fractal whoop :-)))

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  3. SwingFPV (verified owner)

    I got my Fractal 65 built! She’s a great flyer. I opted for a BetaFPV FC,ESC combo and put in my own Crossfire and Unify Nano. This did make it a little chunky but not terrible. But I’ve had bad experience’s with Happy Model AIO’s so I’ll take reliability over the extra weight. Flight Times have been around 3 and half to 4 minutes. Which is about typical for whoops anyway. I also went with BetaFPV’s Meteor Pro ducts which allows for a 35mm prop. Only problem here is the camera mounting. I solved that with a extra BetaFPV 75 camera mount which puts it above the FC. Excited to get some more Stick time with this dude and post some DVR. Granted if I get to race this I’ll have to change out the props to 31mm.

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  4. Ewiley (verified owner)

    The best 65mm frame, hands down

    Fantastic frame for indoors and even outdoor flying freestyle, racing, or just chasing the cat around the house. Razor sharp maneuvering and incredibly durable, with a very well thought out design

    My build is here:

    Thanks for making such an awesome frame!

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  5. Ramocolypse (verified owner)

    It is beasty mcbeasterson.

    An awesome frame that you can build how you want and it is light enough and durable enough to do it. And it flies amazingly.

    Fractal 65 - Frame Kit
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  6. Jimi King Lucid FPV

    Jimi King -Lucid FPV

    Loving this little ripper so far!! I can tell this will be my main racer once I get it tuned up!! Already flies like a dream with my rough tune on it. Loving the durability and the weight I’ve smacked into several walls and it just bounces right off and kees going!! Also lighter than most of my race builds to date!! Great work Yves!!

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  7. Fredjauzion (verified owner)

    Great light frame !!

    I bought this frame cause his durability. And had some parts i’d like to re use… Flywoo AIO, versatile, flywoo nano cam, 802se 19500kv motors. With a happymodel erls nano received, it’s 20g. Some flight today and great on stock rate… Have to go further in tuning.

    Great product !

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  8. Wes “intrspool” Minor

    Fantastic whoop frame

    This frame flies great and is extremely durable! Very modular as well. I decided to make mine a pusher, and started with a canopy, but after a couple races decided to change some things to lighten it up. Came up with a modified version of the normal camera mount and closer to the factory design. Currently have two 65’s built and now on to build the 75’s! Highly recommended!

    Fractal 65 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 65 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 65 - Frame Kit
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  9. Collin Walsh (verified owner)

    Awesomeness in a Tiny Box

    This frame is incredible. The drone flies like it’s on rails. I’ve had a blast with it indoors and outdoors. If your looking for a drone that can take a serious beating, then this is the tiny whoop you should be flying. The fractal 65 has seriously been the most fun I’ve had since I started this hobby. Yves has found the perfect balance between strength and durability for the frame, not to mention his unparalleled customer support. All said, I love the Fractal 65. I hope you have a chance to experience the best tiny whoop I’ve ever flown, you won’t regret it.
    Keep up the great work Yves.

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  10. Drone On (verified owner)

    Durable and Light

    Great frame system and the weight stays low! Very durable. A quality frame.

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  11. Heads (Infinity Loops) (verified owner)

    durability and versatility all-star

    I bought this frame kit for a few reasons. Firstly, this thing is durable. Designed to take a beating, but done elegantly. I appreciate the time it must have taken to torture test this frame. Second reason, versatility. I like to play around with different builds a lot, 1s, 2s, toothpick, ultralight. You name it. This frame offers a few different options as for building it out. So far i have really enjoyed this frame. I’m on my 3rd build on the original frame! Amazing work done at Fractal Engineering.

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  12. Pretty Fly for a White Guy FPV (verified owner)

    Great little whoop frame

    This little carbon fiber frame takes a beating. I prefer it over plastic frames because it prevents frame twisting and having unwanted flight inconsistancies and camera angle changes in crashes.

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