Who am I?

My name is Yves, from France and living in Taiwan.

I’ve been tinkering with things for as long as I remember; dismantling everything I could get my hands on, starting from toys to remotes, then moving on to cars, engines, etc.

So it’s pretty naturally that I went for industrial design studies, leading me to start working as a consultant with various automotive equipment suppliers in 2011

From this time I designed anything automotive; Alternators for Ford, Fuel pumps for PSA, External Mirrors for Audi/VW, Headlights for Jaguar, Volvo.

Then 2 years later in 2013 I moved to Sweden, as a contractor design engineer for Volvo, working on structural and interior parts, insulations.

And while this was a lot of fun I still wanted more; so I started working on selling my engineering services in freelance

Closed my first deal with my first client in 2015 and quit my safe and frankly well-paid job to build this new freelance thing up to an agency and offer my engineering services to inventors.

This allowed me to travel all over the world, live in over 20 countries, helping my clients turn their crazy ideas into kickass products.

Eventually moved more permanently in Taiwan, and built a prototyping lab with 3D printers, soldering stations, etc to provide continued support on the products I would design for my clients.

And it is during that time that I got into FPV, in 2018 with my first whoop – a brushed Eachine Tiny Pepper! –

Since then, after flying and using a bunch of commercial quads and products I’ve started seeing gaps in the market, mostly based off things I wished existed.

It was time to stop designing my clients projects and start making my own!

And that’s how I launched Fractal Engineering in 2020 with the Whoop balance board. (launched the preorder the same day as I went to marry my beautiful wife haha)

A huge success that enabled kickstarting this passion project into what would become this beautiful business, developing and manufacturing more products I’d want to use myself, thanks to the support of all the pilots that followed my vision 🙂

And that’s the values I’m trying to stay true to; Bringing up the hobby by providing the best possible flight experience, in the air as on the ground, using elegant design solutions and leading edge materials and methods so we can all enjoy the gift of flight.

Team Pilots

Anwyl Chang - Avasian
Glett Pat - Bellaciao
Tyrantt FPV
Mr. Rabble
Sushan Tripathee - Brdsrtrl
Jimi King - Lucid