Fractal 75 – Frame Kit


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The most durable yet sharp and lightweight 75mm ducted FPV frame!

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  • Are you a whoop racer looking for the sharpest performance without compromising reliability?
  • Or perhaps a freestyle pilot that wants a robust frame with quick maintenance?
  • Maybe you simply want a stronger alternative to those flimsy nylon frames to keep you longer in the air?

If you answer yes to any of those, then the Fractal 75 was designed for you!

— A little backstory —

I’ve been thinking a while about whether to change that first paragraph or not, but there is no better way to put it.

If you’ve owned, tried, or even just heard of my 65mm racing whoop frame, the Fractal 65, I could simply tell you the 75 embodies the essence of it, scaled up to 40mm props

And that would be absolutely true…

But there is also a little more to it 🙂

This frame has been in fact 10 months in the making.

So much for just making the thing a little larger, you would think

But well, not quite.

One of the main requirements for that frame was a lightweight, and this has proven challenging to achieve at an enlarged scale without compromising the other main requirement, rigidity.

It took several iterations, in design, material, or supplier to find the perfect balance that would meet my expectations.

But thanks to the help and testing of my awesome team pilots, lots of crashing and breaking, it is finally at a point where I’m satisfied with it and happy to offer it out to you!

I hope you enjoy the extra thrust and stability over the 65mm, the extra prop area makes it much more versatile;

you could build it into a lightweight absolute rocket on 300mah 25k 0802, a long-range ELRS F4, or even a vacation video rig carrying a peanut/insta 360 go!

Or even go crazy and make it a pusher, or even use no ducts at all!

The choice is yours, and I’m supporting your experimentation by regularly uploading 3D models on the downloads section for you to print at home 🙂

— A quick note on bottom plate options —

All frames come with a 1.5mm bottom plate; it has been found to be the best weight/durability balance on 1S

If you’re a hard basher, want more rigidity for a 2S build or if you simply like more gravity to your builds, I’ve also cut 2mm bottom plates.

There are designed with thinner braces to make the most out of the thicker material but remain about 0.5g heavier

This makes it an extremely stiff and near indestructible platform; allows for very tight tuning.

You may choose it as an add-on, the kit includes one bottom plate and 13 extended motor screws

— So what about that frame? —

Remaining true to its original intent, the Fractal 75 features:

  • 75mm diagonal, squished X geometry, for 40mm props
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber / Individual Nylon ducts hybrid construction. Cut from Japanese T300 CF sheet
  • Low-profile camera mount, no props in view, no tilt offset
  • Low Center of Gravity, by bringing the AIO closer to the frame/motors
  • Allows mounting with USB pointing up for easy accelerometer calibration
  • No need for a canopy as all electronics are tucked safely between the ducts
  • Maximum rigidity where it matters most; connecting the motors to the FC
  • Easy maintenance, break one duct, replace only the single duct
  • Lightweight, about 21g with HM DiamondF4

As always, this is a project that I designed for myself first, that I put together in a product to share with any pilot that would like to experience the same level of requirements!

Designed with love, by a pilot, for pilots.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Team Pilot Glenn “Bellaciao” has to say about it:

“Tank like. Can slam it into the ground and it’s fine. Haven’t had any delamination or build quality issues. There’s plenty of room to add a vtx and rx, the ducts protects the parts from impact, and with 2s it truly feels like a larger quad. Facepunches will hurt.”

Or a few notes from Sushan “Brdsrtrl”

“Very stable and predictable, Makes an easy platform to make a super reliable quad, a million different configurations, Makes it easy to tuck away external parts if you aren’t using an aio.”

— What do you get? —

This frame kit contains everything you need to build your own craft, based on virtually any components.

I do however recommend a 4-1 AIO (FC/ESC/RX/VTX) to keep the part count to a minimum, but there should be enough room to stack a separate VTX or RX on top of the AIO

It has a 25.5×25.5mm mounting pattern for the AIO, and motor fixations for both 3xM1.4×6.6mm and 3xM1.6×5.5mm

The camera mount is 3D printed and universal – I will upload the STL and Step files so you may print your own spares or season them to taste 🙂

— Contents: —

  • 1x Fractal 75, 1.5mm thick Base Plate
  • 1x Nylon frame (used by trimming the ducts off)
  • 2x Printed TPU fixations – 1x 300mah and 1x 450mah 1S (camera, front and rear battery mounts)
  • 13x M1.4x5mm steel machine screw for motors
  • 4x M1.7x5mm self-threading screw for short board grommets
  • 4x M1.7x7mm self-threading screw for long board grommets


1-Only the frame kit is included. Full build pictures for reference only.
2-Due to continually ongoing development the actual product may differ from pictures.

— Video Reviews: —

Additional information

Weight 40.00 g
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 30 mm
Carbon Fiber

F75 Bottom Plate 1.5mm

Ducts F75

Mob7 V4 Frame, None (F75 Lite)

Screw Kit

Fractal 75 Screw Kit


F75 300mAh + 450mAh 1S

22 reviews for Fractal 75 – Frame Kit

  1. Aldrizzle (verified owner)

    This is honestly one of the most fun kits that exist if you like small whoops. It flys like an absolute dream and is super customizable for how you want it to feel and fly. The camera stays stable and no vibrations at all. The construction feels super sturdy and it a so easy to work on even once it’s all together if you need to solder unless it’s right under the frame pop prop guards off and everything’s metal, solder away! PLUS NO MORE REMOVING BATTERIES TO PLUG IN THE DRONE AND IT SITS FLAT ON TABLE, USB ON TOP!

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  2. Hashi (verified owner)

    I love this little drone

    Started on this drone and learned so much! Quicksilver tune was super simple to set up as well. Survived MANY crashes and does great outdoors in jungle gyms etc.

    You won’t regret building one 🙂

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  3. Brandon Lovier (verified owner)

    Love this frame!! Fun to build and even more fun to fly! Rock solid design!

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  4. JohnS (verified owner)

    Great Design

    Love this design. I originally bought the F75 October 2023 Special, and it’s awesome. Then purchased a frame kit to convert my Mob6 2 Mob7 to F75 🙂

    One thing, however, with the X12 board, the motor connectors on the FC will get bent inwards by the prop guards during crashes.
    I know, don’t crash, LOL. But this is a point of potential failure. My buddy’s actually broke off, yes it was a hard hit.
    Soldering the motor wires to the tiny pads on the FC is a challenge.
    Just something to be aware of.

    F75 October 2023 Special YouTube Video:

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    Best freestyle whoop out there

    Extremely happy with the fractal 75 (mobthicc)

    This is the second one I’ve built now. Literally the best freestyle whoop frame you can buy. Solves all of my previous frame complaints with the classics whoop designs.

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  6. Brian G (verified owner)

    2 months later

    I’ve built what I’ll call the Fat 75 with a X12 AIO and a set of HM EX0802 19000kv. Absolute unit. With the quicksilver template, you could convince me I was flying a 5 inch freestyle platform. The frame is perfectly rigid for rapid direction changes, while maintaining a lighter weight than most 75mm whoops. Absolute rocket with a Diamond F4 flight controller.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  7. Chad Reagan (verified owner)

    Fractal 75 kit with X12 ELRS Board

    Bought this kit to replace my mobula6. What a difference this makes. The carbon frame really stiffens up the chassis and results in extremely responsive flying. I couldn’t be happier with the Fractal 75 kit. Any tinywhoop owner needs one of these. I bought it with the X12 ELRS board (coming from a FRSkY board) and I’ve noticed much better range and compatibility.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  8. Thomas (verified owner)

    Recently bought the F75 frame kit and built up my own basically the same as the X12 version BNF and I am blown away with how good this thing flies. I’ve bashed it around on rocks, construction equipment and learned quite a few new tricks with it.
    10/10 would buy again and will buy again.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  9. Mark

    2 years old, still solid

    Randomly won a fractal65 fame during IGOW3. Reached out to Yves and paid the difference in order to get full bnf instead of just the frame. Months later i purchased Fractal75 kit and moved all parts from 65 into it. Participating in IGOW4 – were in week 5 now and i alternate between Fractal75 and 85mm frankenwhoop. regrettably, ive trashed a few whoops, sometimes within a week. my fractal75 is 2 years old and still my main. def was a solid purchase, highly recommend.

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  10. Jon Paul (verified owner)

    Flies like it is on rails!

    Due to the carbon frame there is little flex and having individual whoops less damage more flexibility… This frame flies like it is on rails and tracks easily, best performing frame I have ever tested 🙂 Plus it has durability beyond any plastic frame 🙂
    You want to improve your flying skills, just use one of these amazing frames 🙂

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  11. Steve (verified owner)

    Bought the Candy, built a drone

    Best candy’s ever. There’s even drone parts in the box. But Seriously, loved my Fractal 65 so much I wanted a 75. Transplanted a Moblite7, the frame was warped and one duct was dipping low at an angle. Why not put it into the best 75mm frame? Also ordered the 2mm bottom plate and HDZero hardware for an up comming build. Looking forward to that. Now to discharge some batteries, the fun way!

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  12. Dmitry (verified owner)

    Had issues with hdzero build

    The frame looks awesome, it’s lightweight and design really nice. I tried to rebuild my mobula6 hdzero to this frame and faced with a few issues. First of all it was not obvious that I had to flip FC. Second, I put vtx between FC and the frame, so mipi cable start touching FC gyro, that’s not good at all, so I had to align it somehow. The 3d printed gummies leave too few space between FC and vtx, also they are not flexible as I expected. Then I tried to use other gummies, but screws were too short to use stack of two gummies and too tall to use one gummy. I’m worried about vtx cooling, because vtx cpu under FC and the space between is too narrow. Oh, one more thing, the camera strap is too tight so it barely enough to keep hdzero camera in place and there is no place between camera and vtx now. Overall, the frame is great, but I think F4 diamond board and other camera is better suitable for it.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  13. Justin (verified owner)

    Crazy good!

    Don’t waste your time looking for anything else. This frame is awesome! I gutted my moblite 7 and swapped the guts into this frame. It flies soooo much better!

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  14. Dan (verified owner)

    Excellent frame kit. Did my build with a Mob7 ELRS donor and added Tinywhoop Hex 802 22000kv motors and Smol RHCP antenna. Trying the BetaFPV Meteor75 ducts and they are nice and durable for indoor and outdoor ripping.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  15. John (verified owner)


    I had a Mobula6 that I really just didn’t like. I rarely flew it because I didn’t like the flight characteristics at all – the whoop just didn’t fly like my 3.5″ quad. I decided to try to upgrade it with the Fractal 75 frame, ex802 motors and 40mm props in an effort to make it more enjoyable for me to fly. Now it’s something that I actually want to fly. It’s much more stable, and it just flies more like a quad and less like a twitchy brick. The overall weight of it even went down 0.1 g with my 3d printed prop guards on.

    Also, the customer service was fantastic – when I was putting it together one of the wires came off a motor. I contacted FE and Yves responded immediately. I ended up being able to solder the wire back on, but just the fact that I got a response within a few hours was really reassuring.

    If had to do it all over again I would forego the Mobula6 and just spend the extra money to buy the Fractal 75 BNF. It’s just a night and day difference.

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  16. Isaac Mitchell (verified owner)

    Yeah buddy!

    I heard good things and decided to order 1. immediately after flying it I got myself another two and a 65mm. I’m extremely happy and highly recommend trying the fractal frame!

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  17. Pete


    Great little kit. Flies great, but I’m getting yaw washout every now and then when pulling out of a steep dive. Here is my parts list.

    HappyModel X12 flight controller with built in ELRS and Open VTX. This is the perfect all in one flight controller, it has everything you need! I’m using 1S lipos.

    HappyModel EX 0802 25000Kv motors.

    NewBeeDrone BeeBrain V2 canopy

    Foxeer Toothless 2 Nano Starlight. Heavy but I wanted the excellent low light performance of this cam. Whoop still flies great with the extra weight.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  18. Anthony Knight

    AyyyKayyy Review on the F75

    So, ive been flying this frame now as my primary freestyle rig when I find epic places to freestyle. A couple items id like to highlight as its honestly mind blowing to me!
    1, It flies reallllllly good out the box. Minimal tuning needed but no need. Default pids are fine.
    2, It looks so cool in comparison to your “typical” whoop frame.
    3, I havent broken anything on this frame yet and i have beat the living heck out of it a ton. Nothing broken.

    Id say loving this frame is an understatement.

    A+++++ to Fractal Engineering for this one!

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  19. RussFPV (verified owner)

    Well designed ...

    I received Fractal75 frame kit about 10 days ago, so I have not started the assembly. I have bought your Whoop Juice Transfer station (clean design). So, I decided to purchase one.
    You don’t disappoint. Thanks for the additional on the esc firmware. I am planning to use Nye PG-44A damping grease under the duct and motor.
    Keep the ideas flowing.

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  20. Mikhail


    Awesome design! I really like this frame. I’ve bought a kit with thin and thick plates to try, but the thin one is already good enough. I’ve been using it for a month and I’m really happy with it. I was not able to break anything yet. I just transferred the parts from an old whoop I built last year, so it’s a bit on a heavy side now, but still flies amazing. I had to put a crossfire, since I don’t have MP module, but I’m going to get a FC with built-in ELRS as soon as they’re back in stock. It is unfortunate that this frame is out of stock now. I wish more people could enjoy it. If you have MP module or the radio that supports FRSky protocols, definitely get the Diamond FC to save some weight, but again, it flies great with heavier ones as well.

    I would also like to thank Yves for resolving an issue with the shipment in a best possible way.

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  21. BenniBlankoFPV

    Dope Aircraft!!

    Hey if you haven’t already bought this frame your late to the game!! An absolute rock!! Crashed the hell out of it and everything is perfect still.. easy to build but a little tricky to tune .. but it can be done with a little finesse!! I wanna give a big up to the team pilots for helping me out on this rig!! Rock solid machine.. I will fit other boards not just the diamond so go for it no more thinking about this purchase!! What are you waiting for ?? Go!! Do it now…

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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  22. 2r2 (verified owner)

    Love it

    Amazing value for money.
    I built mine with the following components
    Fractal75 frame
    betafpv 19000kv motors
    betafpv 5a elrs whoop board
    happy model ov303 vtx
    I re-driled the FC holes to a 2mm size and used nylon screws.
    Used an elastic band to mount the battery sideways
    As improvement I would like to see longer horns laterally and rear to be able to hold an elastic band

    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
    Fractal 75 - Frame Kit
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