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The most durable yet sharp and lightweight 75mm ducted FPV frame!

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  • Are you a whoop racer looking for the sharpest performance without compromising reliability?
  • Or perhaps a freestyle pilot that wants a robust frame with quick maintenance?
  • Maybe you simply want a stronger alternative to those flimsy nylon frames to keep you longer in the air?

If you answer yes to any of those, then the Fractal 75 was designed for you!



— A little backstory —

I’ve been thinking a while about whether to change that first paragraph or not, but there is no better way to put it.

If you’ve owned, tried, or even just heard of my 65mm racing whoop frame, the Fractal 65, I could simply tell you the 75 embodies the essence of it, scaled up to 40mm props

And that would be absolutely true…

But there is also a little more to it 🙂

This frame has been in fact 10 months in the making.

So much for just making the thing a little larger, you would think

But well, not quite.

One of the main requirements for that frame was a lightweight, and this has proven challenging to achieve at an enlarged scale without compromising the other main requirement, rigidity.

It took several iterations, in design, material, or supplier to find the perfect balance that would meet my expectations.

But thanks to the help and testing of my awesome team pilots, lots of crashing and breaking, it is finally at a point where I’m satisfied with it and happy to offer it out to you!

I hope you enjoy the extra thrust and stability over the 65mm, the extra prop area makes it much more versatile;

you could build it into a lightweight absolute rocket on 300mah 25k 0802, a long-range ELRS F4, or even a vacation video rig carrying a peanut/insta 360 go!

Or even go crazy and make it a pusher, or even use no ducts at all!


The choice is yours, and I’m supporting your experimentation by regularly uploading 3D models on the downloads section for you to print at home 🙂


…Or you can check out the BNF where I build it for you!



— A quick note on bottom plate options —

All frame kits come with a 1.5mm bottom plate; it has been found to be the best weight/durability balance on 1S

If you’re a hard basher, want more rigidity for a 2S build or if you simply like more gravity to your builds, I’ve also cut 2mm bottom plates.

There are designed with thinner braces to make the most out of the thicker material but remain about 0.5g heavier

This makes it an extremely stiff and near indestructible platform; allows for very tight tuning.


For BNF however, I’ve decided to include both bottom plate variants as a courtesy for your support and experimenting.

Please chose which variant you’d like your quad assembled with 🙂



— So what about that frame? —

Remaining true to its original intent, the Fractal 75 features:

  • 75mm diagonal, squished X geometry, for 40mm props
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber / Individual Nylon ducts hybrid construction. Cut from Japanese Toray T300 CF sheet
  • Low-profile camera mount, no props in view, no tilt offset
  • Low Center of Gravity, by bringing the AIO closer to the frame/motors
  • Allows mounting with USB pointing up for easy accelerometer calibration
  • No need for a canopy as all electronics are tucked safely between the ducts
  • Maximum rigidity where it matters most; connecting the motors to the FC
  • Easy maintenance, break one duct, replace only the single duct
  • Lightweight, about 21g with HM DiamondF4

As always, this is a project that I designed for myself first, that I put together in a product to share with any pilot that would like to experience the same level of requirements!

Designed with love, by a pilot, for pilots.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Team Pilot Glenn “Bellaciao” has to say about it:

“Tank like. Can slam it into the ground and it’s fine. Haven’t had any delamination or build quality issues. There’s plenty of room to add a vtx and rx, the ducts protects the parts from impact, and with 2s it truly feels like a larger quad. Facepunches will hurt.”

Or a few notes from Sushan “Brdsrtrl”

“Very stable and predictable, Makes an easy platform to make a super reliable quad, a million different configurations, Makes it easy to tuck away external parts if you aren’t using an aio.”



— What do you get? —

As a BNF, I will assemble a fully flight-ready craft that you can take out and fly right out the box

Comes with the AIO option of your choice (Diamond F4 for super lightweight, ELRS F4 for most range or X12 for the strongest durability), Runcam Nano 3 camera and EX0802 motors of your choice. JST-PH pigtail by default, BT2.0 optional

A quick note on motor gearing, 19000kv will be best suited for long flight time and efficiency – still does pack quite a punch, as you can witness from the video above with this build. Should be able to do well into the 4-5mins on a 300-450mah

22k will grant you significantly more power while remaining fairly balanced, and well 25k is just ludicrously fast. It will pump the juice out of your lipos but those 3mins of flight time will give you a hell of a kick. You may still use a throttle cap to make it more controllable in tight environments 🙂

It will be tuned to the latest, bleeding-edge firmware, including a Quicksilver tune, as well as BlueJay ESC firmware

I sometimes help out assembling pre-builts with Armattan, so if you’ve ever seen the standard to which these are built, or seen my soldering jobs before you know it will be top-notch.

Please note that each build is custom built to order, so thank you for allowing about a week for assembling, testing and processing.

— Contents: —

  • 1x Fractal 75 assembled bind and fly
  • 1x spare set of prop



1-Due to continually ongoing development the actual product may differ from pictures.


— Video Reviews: —

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 30 mm
BNF Flight Controller

Happymodel DiamondF4 ELRS, Happymodel DiamondF4 Frsky, Happymodel ELRS F4, Happymodel ELRS X12

BNF Motors

HM EX0802 19000kv, HM EX0802 22000kv, HM EX0802 25000kv

BNF Camera

Runcam Nano 3

BNF Propellers

Gemfan 40mm 1610-2 Clear Grey 1-pack

Carbon Fiber

F75 Bottom Plate 1.5mm


F75 300mAh + 450mAh 1S

Screw Kit

Fractal 75 2.0mm bottom plate screw kit, Fractal 75 Screw Kit

Ducts F75

Mob7 V4 Frame

3 reviews for Fractal 75 – BNF

  1. David Newman (verified owner)


    My first whoop purchased since 2019. To say that the performance has improved would be a great understatement. This thing is stable, tight and nimble all at once. I actually had to turn down the rates to what I generally use for freestyle, and now I’ve got great control. I’ve had it for about a month, fly it daily and haven’t broken anything other than props. The only issue is it occasionally looses RC (frsky)signal, but it flies so well I have to forgive it’s shortcomings. I’m definitely getting another next whoop season. Thanks again for offering these!

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  2. Kenneth Phang (verified owner)

    My fav 75mm whoop for indoor and outdoor

    Love this 75mm whoop, very well tune, replaceable duct and I have a lot of spares to swap around. Bi blades props doesn’t seem to produce loud noise when you fly around indoor, factory or park area. The micro USB port of the flight controller board are rather facing upwards, brilliant idea most of the time whenever I crash a whoop this microusb connector is the first to go or damage. Lightweight tpu printed camera holder and holds the battery well. I took infinity loop YouTube’s advice in addition to that I use rubber band to tighten the battery as well.

    I bought the frsky version from Ives love to purchase the elrs version. Fellow FPV pilot what are you waiting for ? Get one yourself you won’t regret!

    Fractal 75 - BNF
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  3. Collin Walsh (verified owner)

    Just Get One

    I love tiny whoops, but none have compared to the Fractal 75. Without a doubt it outperforms it’s smaller counterpart in every way. I haven’t tried the Fractal 65 with any other motors then the Happymodel 19000kv, and it was a blast. But the poor little fella has been basically parked since this 75 showed up other then when the wind has been unbearable for even larger drones.
    I’m not a pro, nor have I flown everything on the market, but I can promise you this 75 whoop rips. In my area there’s a slight wind 85% if the time. Enough to make a 65mm whoop have problems. With this 75mm frame and the 20000kv motors, it’s powers through almost everything. Inside it’s just as capable as the 65 but maybe a bit too powerful for begging in the hobby. I’ve put at least 75 batteries through it already and NO issues. I’ve had to change props every few days but nothing else has broken and it’s been wrecked, hard, repeatedly. I don’t know what could outdo this one. Maybe Yves has something else up his sleeve’s.
    All said I’m more than a leased with the Fractal 75 and the 65 too. I hardly fly any of my other drones anymore. They are quite enough to not bother too many people and more often then not attract curious spectators at the park.
    I hope you get to enjoy this whoop as much as I have. Thanks again for another awesome sky machine Yves. 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

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