Wingman BNF – Monthly Specials #3 – December 2023

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The first and only 3″ 1S 18650 quadcopter with foldable, soft mounted arms and 20+ mins of flight time!

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Limited Quantities!

Due to the limited supply of components for this one we can only make so many!

And they might not come back in a long time…perhaps forever!

So get yours while they last…or try your chance next month 😄

Time left for this Month:


Welcome to the December Specials BNF page!


So far we’ve tried the cost-effective and goofy way, how about something new this time?

We all know the AIO FC space has been quite iffy lately…

Not easy finding one that just hits the spot in terms of features, weight, durability and price.

But what if I told you there was one just about passing all those marks for the wingman?

What’s more, I’ve been carrying it for a little while, but you’ve been sleeping on it?

Well not to worry; I know it’s my fault for not pushing it out more; so let me correct it this time with a proper introduction of that bonker of a build.


Introducing the most cutting-edge, highest-value analog Wingman ever built

And here’s why:

AIO Flight Controller: NeutronRC AT32 1-2S

  • This pup features a bleeding edge AT32F435 MCU, faster than a F7, allowing for the most stable operation with lots of room for the future
  • It also has onboard Serial ELRS with Wifi, 16mb flash memory for Blackbox and a dedicated 12V booster circuit –Which I will get back to shortly
  • On the B-Side it’s got 32bits ESC, probably the first time we see this many bits on a 1S AIO, enabling the use of the latest features getting more efficiency and power than ever before

VTX: TBS Unify Nano 5G8 Pro 32

  • Arguably the highest power density transmitter out there. Puts out so many watts through the air it should probably be illegal. Might just be in your region idk. Incredible clarity, range and penetration for that size. Nothing comes close honestly.

Camera: Caddx Ant

  • Still my favorite 14mm analog camera. Outstanding image for the price.

Motors: FE x TW 1202.2 11500KV

  • Simply the best and only spinners to have on a Wingman; lightweight, powerful, efficient, purple.

And the secret sauce that binds them all together,

The NeutronRC AIO, despite all it’s features being such a cost-effective, also affords the luxury of having an onboard voltage booster that I’ve tested to provide a solid 12V all the way down to 2.5V input voltage, coincidentally the cutoff voltage of most high-performance 18650 cells

Not quite as low as the Boostyboi that boasts a little extra headroom, but still totally useable in most scenarios.

And as such enables us to save on not using it, thus transferring the savings into getting the top-tier TBS VTX, for an incredibly capable package at this price.


But wait there’s more!


Being a Monthly Special of course there is that discount for the month,

But what’s more, being in the last month of the year, I’m currently offering free shipping on all orders above $100, which this falls into.

All and all shaving a total of $20 off your total!

There probably won’t be such a steep discount on a BNF for a while; but this month and this month only it’s on us.

Thank you again for all your support, have an amazing holiday season!


Don’t forget to use the HAPPYEOY coupon at checkout to enable the free shipping!

About the BNF – What do you get?

As a BNF, I will assemble a fully flight-ready craft that you can take out and fly right out of the box

It will come tested and tuned to the latest, bleeding-edge firmware, including a Quicksilver tune, as well as HF32 ESC firmware

I strongly recommend using high discharge 18650, such as Sony VTC5D, VTC5A or VTC6 – or equivalent

This should easily get you to around 20mins flight time.

Please note that each build is custom-built to order and goes through extensive tuning, testing and preparation before leaving the shop to make sure you get the best possible experience unboxing, plugging in and simply go fly.

Most builds are shipped within 2-3 business days, up to a week depending on the backlog.


  • 1 x Wingman BNF
  • 1 x Set of spare props
  • 1 x Set of spare hardware
  • 1 x Custom printed transport/storage box

Note: Due to continually ongoing development, the actual product you receive may differ from the pictures/description.

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Carbon Fiber

Wingman 1S CF Set

Screw Kit

Wingman Screw Kit


Wingman washers and cam mount

BNF Flight Controller

NeutronRC AT32F435 Mini AIO 2S + TBS Unify Nano Pro32

BNF Camera

Caddx Ant 4/3

BNF Motors

HM EX12025 12500kv

Propeller Option

Gemfan 3018-2 Clear 1-pack

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  1. Fred (verified owner)

    Wingman fan.

    A really quiet and fun drone ! 10 to 15 minutes of fliht.

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