Fractal 75 BNF – Monthly Specials #1 – October 2023


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The first monthly specials! Get yourself a unique, seasonal F75 BNF at a friendly price!

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Limited Quantities!

Due to the limited supply of components for this one we can only make so many!

And they might not come back in a long time…perhaps forever!

So get yours while they last…or try your chance next month 😄

Time left for this 1st edition


Introducing out first Monthly Specials BNF!

— Well boi oh boi do we have something for you!

— A little backstory —

I know I don’t have the most affordable gear.

We really do put a lot of effort, my wife and I into each kit, each build and each order to make sure you get the best experience when placing an order from us – or our dealers

I also know that I do not do a lot of sales/promotion.

Mostly because we would never discount our attention into our products, but also because I haven’t been the best at planning such things.

Lastly, I know that times are rough for a lot of folks and that FPV can sometimes be the last line to keep ourselves together.

And for all these reasons I’ve decided to take a good look at how I could make you a special offer to sweeten the deal, while also providing unique value, without compromising our business line too much.

What came out of it is this here program I’ve called the Monthly Specials!

The premises are super simple; every month we will come up with a unique, specially put-together build, that is not part of the standard catalog, will only be available for the entire month, and will -likely- never come back.

Although we are not really at a point where economies of scale are a thing, I am betting on simplifying the build type for a month making them a lot easier to assemble by the end of it, thus passing down those savings to you 🙂

And in the meantime that gives us an opportunity to get creative with seasonal builds that don’t need to be implemented in the permanent catalog.

What will we do next? Pusher builds? UWL-ready rigs with LEDs and all? Signature builds curated by your favorite pilots? Something even more wonky? 👀

Perhaps send us your ideas!

In the meantime, we’re just hoping to have some more fun together while making our gear more accessible to you, as a thank-you for your support for the past few years now.

— So what’s this month’s special all about? —

Well I figured we could start conservatively with the most demanded segment; a simple, solid whoop build that should be super durable, versatile and at a nice deal

And the result of that was this here F75 pup!

A perfect setup for beginners or a daily beater for the more advanced

Frame: Fractal 75, 1.5mm for lightweight

FC: HM X12 ELRS; The most durable FC in my inventory; excellent track record of reliability

Motors: Fractal Edition EX0802 22,500KV; fantastic allrounder motors and gearing, produces plenty of thrust while keeping great throttle resolution as opposed to faster windings

Camera: Whoop Only Caddx Ant; Here’s where we’re able to make most of the savings on this one; those are new Caddx Ants I’ve inherited from a local FPV shop; they do however present a little defect that makes them only suitable for use in whoops; at least one of the M2 threads might be stripped.

Normally those cams would get binned as they could never be mounted on most quads, but since the F75 can get a solid hold of them with the cam strap, that gives them a great second chance at avoiding becoming e-waste without even seeing the sky!

While it is true that it isn’t the lightest cam for whoops, it does however arguably produce one of the best images for that size/weight class.

And you’re getting it for free, with change to spare for a little dinner 😛

Overall the weight comes in at about 25.5g, not bad at all considering the folks over at UWL are racing 40g builds this size, with slower 19,000KV motors

And that’s with a lot of image quality, range and durability all packed together in this little package 🙂

I hope you see the value in that build we put together and will be happy to build it for you!

Of course it will be tuned to the latest, bleeding-edge firmware, including a Quicksilver tune, as well as BlueJay ESC firmware – With ELRS 3.0 baked in the onboard SPI receiver

Please note that each whoop remains custom-built to order and goes through extensive tuning, testing and preparation before leaving the shop to make sure you get the best possible experience unboxing, plugging in and simply go fly.

Therefore they might still take a couple days to complete and ship, and we’ll try our best to keep it well below a week

— Contents: —

  • 1x Fractal 75 assembled bind and fly
  • 1x spare set of prop


1-Due to continually ongoing development the actual product may differ from pictures.

— Video Reviews: —

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 30 mm
BNF Flight Controller

Happymodel X12 ELRS

BNF Camera

Caddx Ant 4/3 Whoop Only

BNF Motors

HM EX0802 22500KV Fractal Edition

Propeller Option

Gemfan 40mm 1610-2 Clear Grey 1.0mm 1-pack

Carbon Fiber

F75 Bottom Plate 1.5mm


F75 300mAh + 450mAh 1S

Screw Kit

Fractal 75 Screw Kit

Ducts F75

Mob7 V4 Frame

1 review for Fractal 75 BNF – Monthly Specials #1 – October 2023

  1. John Schweikle (verified owner)

    Excellent Product

    Absolutely Awesome.
    Not just the quad, but the whole experience.
    Fractal’s attention to detail – top notch.
    Everything I would expect from great engineering minded people.
    When the quad got here, all I had to do was change my goggles from Race 1 to Race 8. The binding phrase was already embedded. Plugged in a lipo and flew it.
    The BNF Build & QC List sticker inside the box tells you everything you need to know – EXTREMELY NICE TOUCH!!!
    We need a new acronym, now, for something even better than BNF, like Unbox-N-Fly – Seriously.

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