Precision Scissors


Ultra-sharp precision scissors for the most delicate jobs

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Following the series of locally made hand tools that I use all the time, I’m bringing you the ultra-sharp precision scissors!

These are unlike any cutting tool I’ve been used to before I discovered them on the builder bench at Armattan

Much smaller and sharper than any conventional paper scissors

Enables you to sneak in the tightest gaps and/or perform the smallest cuts and contours

Some of the use cases would be trimming off the heat shrink off your ESC, Rx or VTx, close cutting your VHB along your component edge, or the small hairs off your 3D prints

A pretty niche tool that I’m always happy to have when I need it, and now you can have it too 😉



  • Super thin and sharp
  • So sharp it comes with a protective sleeve (it protects you, not the blade)
  • Stainless steel, doesn’t rust
  • Purple



  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 x Protective sleeve

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 210 × 75 × 10 mm

Precision Scissors


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