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The last tweezers you will ever need

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The Last Tweezers You will ever Need


Needless to say I’ve gone through tons of building tools since I’ve started FPV — Haven’t we all
Even more so since building professionally, as we’re edging over my first 100 BNFs assembled as I’m typing this!
Which led me down the professional tool blackhole;
If I’m gonna be building all day all week I might as well do it with reliable and enjoyable tools!
And being based in Taiwan, I’ve had this awesome perk of living at the center of the largest manufacturing hub in the world
I’ve discovered that between the cheapo expandable Chinese gear and the exquisite, masterly crafted Japanese stuff, Taiwan had a lot to offer

Entering the last tweezers you will ever need

We’ve all had these black-painted, so-called ESD tweezies made of chinesium alloy
You know, the ones that come misaligned from the factory, that bend with the slightest force and never quite get right again –if ever
Well these ones I’ve found are none of that
In that sense, I could even say they’ve been a complete paradigm shift for me
As some of you might remember, I never meant to be a retail shop business;
All the non-fractal items you will find here are strictly limited to the stuff I’ve vetted to use with my BNF
And with these tweezers, I mark the first entry in the Tools section, but more in the Taiwan Domestic Market section!
Homebrew quality tools you can’t find them anywhere else, and I’d hate to keep them to myself as they’re just that good


Honestly, I could just say you will feel the difference the first time you open them and leave it at that, but let’s have some fun and let me hype you up a little more 🙂
  • They’re made from stainless steel
    …but not your dad’s stainless. Those are hardened stainless steel (almost as hard as our new black metal merch btw)

    That makes them not only rust-proof, but also extremely resilient to any form of abuse;
    I’ve used mine for scratching PCBs, prying devices open, and even dropped them on my tile floor more times than I can remember.
    And they got zero damage from it in over 6months of hard use.
    If you want proof of it look again at the product pictures;

    That’s right I haven’t taken a new one off the blister for the photo shoot; those are my personal 6months old pair you’ve been looking at
  • They’re extremely sharp pointed and precisely aligned
    That not only makes it easier to pick the tiniest wires or smt components but also more predictable as they won’t bend out of alignment under pressure


Okay that just about sums it up; it’s just a pair tweezer after all; it’s not like it had a mustache decal slapped onto it 😈

But let’s add one last for the story and giggles;


  • You practically can’t get them anywhere
    Seriously, when I’ve asked my wife to call them up so we could get a bunch, the old lady on the phone blew her off! “We busy, no need new business mkay thxbye”

    So I have to physically walk out of my frac cave and go get them at my local electronics shop, robbing their entire inventory every time

    …But that’s okay, gives me a reason to experience the outside world; decent graphics, poor immersion, funny npcs and all that… I’ll do it for you.



And that’s about it!

Thank you for reading all the way, hope you’ve had as much fun as me writing it

And seriously; buy them tweezers; you’ll thank me later 😄


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