Fractal x Infinity Loops Limited Fatstrap


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Spice up your goggles with this custom printed Fractal x Infinity Loops (Fracfinity?) Fatstraps!

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Spice up your goggles with this custom printed Fractal x Infinity Loops (Fracfinity?) Fatstraps!


Made from the finest American military grade materials, with a deeply full color printed band and hand assembled with much love by Steve Fatstraps

These will not only guarantee your goggles to fit firmly on your melon, but do it in style 😎


Not only that of course, as these bad bois were custom-built to a very special set of requirements:

  • The Orqa version will fit both V1 and V2, thanks to a strong velcro band allowing to slip through the closed loop of the newer models
  • The Fat Shark/Skyzone/HDZero will fit all 3 types of goggles, with a slighly enlarged loop to fit the FS/SZ complimented by a strong clasp to slip in the closed HDZero metal loop!


We really wanted to do it this way as to offer you a strap that will last you long time, and eventually follow you when/if you decide to upgrade your goggles down the line

And of course, they’re branded Fractal x Infinity Loops, celebrating our friendship that started just over 2 years ago now and cementing both our commitment to bring you the best of the best…90% of the time!

As per the quantities, these will be a very limited run; only 5x Orqa and 15x HDZ/FS/SZ + 4 extras from the remaining material


We Will Not Make Another Run Of These


We might make more of a different design later on, but these will be the only ones ever made with this specific print.


Only 1 unit per order

No scalpers! we know where you live 😁


They are all made already and will ship directly from Infinityloops Headsquarter in MD


  • 48mm wide elastic strap
  • Fits most head size, from small size to tree trunk
  • 1x Strap
  • 1x Black Battery holder

Additional information

Goggle Type

Orqa, HDZero/Fatshark/Skyzone

4 reviews for Fractal x Infinity Loops Limited Fatstrap

  1. Isaac Mitchell (verified owner)

    I love it it looks great and feels very nice!

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  2. Timothy F (verified owner)

    Phat Fat Strap

    Yo! This strap is what fo sho! Really dig the colors and designs on this thing. I feel like I’m special now because I have something so unique. Headdy stuff for my head.

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  3. Remco Boom (Apache Smoke Wounded Sniper) (verified owner)

    A great strap

    It’s a great fit and it’s a limited addition. So you can’t go wrong imo

    Fractal x Infinity Loops Limited Fatstrap
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  4. Justin (verified owner)

    Great strap!

    Great product. And a limited one at that! Glad to get mine.

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